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Oil Companies lose $600 million a week from HHO Tanker!

There are approximately 250 million registered vehicles (cars and trucks ) on the road today in the United States. Let's just take cars for this example...if every one of the 150 million cars in the U.S. had the HHO Tanker installed in their vehicle and let's say our HHO Tanker only saved them 1 gallon of gasoline per fill up for argument sake ( The HHO Tanker in reality saves an average of 5 gallons per fill up ). If gas is priced at $4.00 a gallon, that would mean that the OIL COMPANIES WOULD LOSE $600 MILLION dollars a week every time you filled up your car with gas! Whether you buy our HHO Tanker or another HHO generator, we can all chip in and reduce the Oil Companies profits together and at the same time save our environment and also keep more of our hard earned money in the pockets of all AMERICANS!!  We can all make a difference and if nothing else, we can try and get the Oil Companies to reduce the price of gas to one dollar a gallon again!

Welcome to HHOtube! Home of the HHO Tanker EXTREME.

Thank you for visiting community website , home of the HHO Tanker EXTREME generator. This site is for the sharing of HHO technology and sale of HHO Generators and parts. We also want to help try and solve the terrible fossil fuel gas problem we all face today.  Hydrogen and Oxygen, we believe, is the answer to the gas problems we all face and hopefully by having our community on the web, we can help make this a better world! Simply click below on any video to start playing. You can also refine your searches by category and keywords.

What is an HHO Generator? Can it increase my miles per gallon?

HHO stands for hydrogen, hydrogen, oxygen. An HHO generator is basically a container of water with a device inside that splits water from a liquid state ( H20) into a gas state, hydrogen,hydrogen,oxygen. This HHO Gas is pulled out of the HHO Generator and into your engine where it mixes with your fuel. Your engine begins to use the fuel but something is different, the fuel is burning cleaner and more efficiently. Once you begin driving, you notice that your fuel gauge isn’t moving! This is the awesome power of HHO Gas, which is an alternative gas for your vehicle.

HHO generators, like our HHO Tanker EXTREME, convert your car or truck, gas or diesel, into a hybrid. One of the major misunderstandings about HHO Gas is how it actually works to improve your MPG. The HHO Gas from the HHO Generator DOES NOT replace your regular gasoline. It simply adds to it to make your car engine work more efficient, making it a hybrid. Right now, your car mixes regular oxygen with gasoline as part of the normal process of running a car. The HHO Generator adds Hydrogen to this mix which allows your gasoline to burn more completely and this increases your engine efficiency and reduces harmful emissions. So, not only does the HHO Gas make your gas last longer, it also reduces the damage your car does to the environment.

The miles per gallon you can expect to see are around 30 to 40%.  Basically, if you get an extra 10 miles per gallon  and the average gas tank holds 20 gallons, you will be getting an extra 200 miles per tankful!  Where can you drive with an extra 200 miles?? We bet you can do a lot with 200 extra miles!

A few years ago when gas was only one to two dollars a gallon, a 30 to - 40% savings wasn’t all that significant. But now when gas has reached $4 a gallon ( and possibly $6 a gallon next year ) that 30 to 40% is worth a lot more now. In time, newer and better HHO technology will emerge, and our HHO Tanker EXTREME will be there for you to upgrade in the future. Our HHO Tanker EXTREME can be upgraded to any future HHO technology by simply replacing the insides of the unit.  To upgrade the Tanker EXTREME in the future, simply remove it, update it and place it back. No need for a mechanic again! Save gas, save money and save our environment by ordering your HHO Tanker EXTREME today.

* NOTE: * (In order to acheive a serious increase in mpg, we recommend that you have your Tanker EXTREME installed by a professional mechanic.)

HHO Tanker EXTREME is the ORIGINAL. We invented it! invented the HHO tanker design, where any vehicle, gas or diesel, can have our tanker installed with ease. You may see other imitations on the web. We are the original, real deal.  We use only high-quality parts, all stainless steel hardware and our generators will produce more hydrogen than all others for our price.  We do not use cheap pvc, mason jars, or water bottles for our products.  Most of these HHO generatos on the market today are scams. Our HHO Tanker EXTREME hydrogen generator is capable of producing a minimum of one liter of hydrogen per minute. When we go live, we will prove it with videos so you can see for yourself. Remember, HHO Tanker was invented here, so please do not accept imitations!


UPDATE: Buy your HHO Tanker EXTREME TODAY!  The reserve has been removed now.  To all that have reserved your HHO Tanker EXTREME, we thank you for your business.  Our HHO Tanker EXTREME is now available for sale to everyone!

Can't find a mechanic to install our HHO Tanker?

No problem! Bring your HHO tanker to your favorite audio/stereo store to have them install your HHO Tanker EXTREME. Print out these simple directions and give them to their stereo installers. All you do is show them where you would like the tanker and they will do the rest. Besides bringing them your tanker, you will also have to bring a 20foot air hose which you will have to purchase separately. You will probably save about 50% to 70% on installation costs compared to most mechanics.

Need an HHO Generator? We have them here!

We sell our easy to install HHO generators, called HHO Tankers. They are called HHO Tankers because they install in the trunk or rear of your car or truck. Simply have your skilled mechanic install our HHO Tankers by running a few wires and an air hose. That is it! Installation time is reduced by our new design and with gallons of water the HHO Tanker holds, you can be sure that your HHO generator stays cool, keeping the hydrogen production high and constantly increasing your miles per gallon. To buy your generator, click here:Buy HHO  If you are interested in building your own HHO generator, we have the necessary stainless steel plates so you can build your own generator. Click here to buy your own stainless steel plates: Buy SS plates .

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HHO Tanker EXTREME Powerful bubblesIn this video, you will see that the Tanker EXTREME is producing some serious hydrogen bubbles. The longer the tanker is on, the more powerful hydrogen becomes!
HHO Tanker Extreme Litre per minute test 
HHO Tanker with bubbler on 1994 Ford RangerThis is an older version of the HHO Tanker from with the bubbler. The new version of the HHO Tanker is bubbler-less and includes a flame arrest in the hose now. HHO Tanker Installed on 1992 Ford RangerAn HHO Tanker installed for testing.
HHO Tanker Installed in Nissan MuronPlease visit the buy hho generator link on this website for more details.

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